Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling

As bathroom remodeling company in the Tri-State Area, Divine Design Stone & Cabinetry can transform your bathroom into an entirely different space. One of the most popular materials for a bathroom is marble, timeless, and elegant it adds a classic touch to any space. This natural stone is being used in surrounds, baseboards and even as furniture in a room.

In recent bathroom renovations, many folks are increasingly replacing the traditional bathtub with a shower base/tray, while the latter is fitted with a bathroom glass door. The trend is using transparent glass doors versus that of translucent glass, which was most common a few years ago. The replacement of the bathtub tries to create a more energy efficient space while placing more care on water consumption.

On the other hand, in the larger bathrooms, there are those who do not want to give up the pleasure of taking a bath on special occasions. In these cases, it is common to have both a shower area and a bathtub area.

At Divine Design Stone & Cabinetry, we are experts in bathroom remodeling and masonry work. We also carry an extensive selection of semi-custom and custom cabinets for your kitchen or bath.  Granite, Marble, Quartz or Onyx, whatever your preference, you can rely on our years of experience and our dedication to excellence.

As a company specializing in bathroom remodeling in The Tri-State area, we can take care of adapting your bath to meet your needs. Not all baths or everyone’s needs are the same, do you need a child-friendly bathroom? Perhaps a half-bath in the basement of your home? Maybe you need a bathroom more suited to an elderly family member.

We advise you every step of the way and adapt our designs to your needs. For example, in the case of a bathroom with a senior in mind, in addition to perhaps replacing the tub with a shower, you may desire to have a bench area.

In the case of the shower door, it is best to use a sliding glass door so that, if the person suffers a fall inside the bathroom, it will not block the passage. Also, it is best to install non-slip material flooring.

Of course, space must be wide and allow, if necessary, wheelchair access. Perhaps non-slip support bars are needed, sometimes there is a need to reinforce the wall beforehand so that they are correctly fastened.

Another example might be a child-friendly bathroom with Anti-Scald Faucets, although it’s a good idea no matter the purpose of the bathroom… As professionals of bathroom remodeling in the Tri-State area, we are here to help guide you through all the choices necessary to give you the bathroom you want at an affordable price. Use the contact form above, or give us a quick call to discuss your project.

Before starting work on renovating your kitchen

Kitchen Cabinets
renovating your kitchen
Crew Installing Countertops

Before starting work on renovating your kitchen in the Tri-State area, a series of important decisions must be made. How we are going to distribute the space, where should the appliances go, what materials are best suited for your lifestyle? An important decision will be the material you choose for the Countertop. A Kitchen Countertop, or a Bathroom Countertop for that matter, is the most visible element, choosing one or another material will dictate the choice of furniture, tile flooring, lighting, etc.

The majority of the clients that come to us from our experience in kitchen remodeling in the Tri-State area come with the idea of ​​installing natural stone countertops. For this option, marble and granite have very similar characteristics. In both cases, we speak of durable and very functional materials that perfectly withstand heat, scratches and stand the test of time. Also, visually marble or granite kitchen countertops offer an exquisite look. However, being porous materials, you have to keep in mind that stains are much harder to remove. If some grease or oil spills over, it probably penetrates the stone and can leave a mark. So timely and routine cleaning is essential.

In case you are looking for specialists in kitchen remodeling in the Tri-State area, we advise you to speak with our professionals. For starters, they can help you when planning changes and advise you on the best materials for each purpose. Also, Divine Design is capable of all types of work, from the installation of your kitchen or bathroom cabinets to new lighting, plumbing or tiling.

In addition to kitchen/bathroom remodeling for residential or commercial use in the Tri-State area, we also specialize in outdoor kitchens or barbecues.  Regardless of the project, you have in mind; Divine Design can work within your budget to make your dreams a reality. Give us a call and let’s consult, our advice is free, and unlike our competitors, we guarantee a no-pressure, no commitment.

Marble Fireplace Surrounds and Facades

Fireplace Facade
Fireplace Surrounds and Facades
Fireplace Facade

Marble Fireplace Surrounds and Facades

Divine Designs offers you the best Fireplace Surrounds and Facades in the Tri-State area. If you are looking for a marbled Fireplace Surround, you will not find better quality than what we offer at Divine Design, a company with over 15 years’ combined experience in making our customers happy.

Dressing up your walls with marble is an excellent idea because they bring class, style, warmth and many other characteristics to you’re the space in question, from good thermal insulation to acoustic deadening.

Also, Marble is very easy to clean and can be polished from time to time or polished to restore it to its original condition, even if it has been years or even decades since it was installed.

It is undoubtedly one of the best materials for patios, Kitchens, bathrooms or Fireplaces in any home, for hotels or establishments that seek to show a more professional look and a better aesthetic of the place.

We provide the highest quality materials and installation services in the industry in the Tri-State area, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Divine Design has professional marble specialist with more than 15 years of combined experience in the industry, which makes us one of the most professional company to turn to when needing this type of work.

It is important to use an experienced professional company that can guarantee the quality of marble or granite to install, as well as the service of the installation since it is a project that if installed correctly can last for many years without needing any maintenance.

Our company will guarantee a quality service that will meet and exceed your expectations because nothing matters more than achieving maximum satisfaction in each and every one of our customers.

Design & Decorating with Onyx

Stone Bar Countertops
Decorating with Onyx
Bars Countertops

Decorating with Onyx. One of the excellent materials offered by Divine Design is Onyx. Onyx is a mineral of volcanic origin considered a semiprecious stone, a natural stone unique in the world for its color tones. The vast majority of its applications are in interior design and decoration due to its shades and high polishing quality.

One of the main characteristics of onyx is that it is a translucent material, which because of this quality changes color depending on your lighting. Because of this it lends itself well to backlighting and is one of the most suitable gemstones for decorating interiors.

Onyx Countertops have a great visual appeal and due to its variety of color tones has a vast range of applications, from decorating elements to the lining of different spaces of the homes.

Onyx is fragile and soft and therefore great care is required. One of the peculiarities of this stone is that it’s delicate and easily stained or marked so particular care must be taken when cleaning or handling this material. It is advised not to use sharp objects such as knives directly on Onyx, and that it be kept free of dust and chemicals that may stain it.

Onyx has a wide variety of applications. It is the perfect material for projects in where you want to accentuate a particular area or just stand out from the crowd. In addition to its characteristics, Onyx will draw your attention with its elegance, be it part of a bar, a section of wall or a decorative figure.

The features of onyx are unique in the market, so it is usually used for decorating surfaces that need great aesthetic care such as meeting areas, hotel surfaces, boutiques or exclusive restaurants.

Because of its decorative beauty, this stone is capable of giving a unique touch and striking elegance to any space. However, the material needs constant and precise care to maintain its good condition.

At divine Design, we carry a large variety of onyx for interior design and decorating accents. We advise you the type of Onyx best suited for your project. Do you need more information about Onyx? Contact us or give us a call…